Daran and Trevor     Trevor and Lilia          Dancing in the street          Dorothy and Trevor

                                                                  " Irish & English Salsa, Bachata, & Bachatango Teachers"

                                            Trevor & Geraldine Salsa Party with a Caribbean Theme with Carline & Geraldine


                                                         Trevor & Irina Bachatango Class at the Hollygarth Social Club.




                                                       Salsa Party (Theme:- What you were wearing when the ship went down)


        Rambo with Miss Saigon              Rambo with a Swedish Dancer                Gail and Top Gun                          Irina with a Samovar                          Irina the Swedish Dancer

                                                                                                     Salsa Party with a Hollywood theme.



                                                                   Upper Poppleton Salsaros Strutting their stuff and having fun.


                                                                             Bachatango Class at Markington Village Institute.




                                                            Bachatango Warm up at the Harrogate Catholic Club.




                                                                                            Salsa on the Ripon Canal  




                                                                                            Wiggles & Giggles Party

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